Nevermind The 90s was founded in 2009 by brothers Elijah and Jake Goldman over a rousing conversation about their mutual love of playing music and all things 90s.  A “dream” setlist was drafted to include every memorable song from the 90s they loved and wanted to perform.  They recruited drummer Mike Rice to round out their trio and a heavy practice regimen followed!  Having each had years of experience playing in a variety of other bands, they found they had great musical chemistry and were quickly able to cover a wide variety of styles.  Over the years, they’ve become one of Denver’s most in demand and recognizable live bands, playing up to 7 shows a week ranging from venues to clubs, corporate events, and weddings.

Nevermind The 90s has combined their passion with danceable music, top notch musicianship, three part vocal harmonies, and comprehensive lighting and sound equipment for an exciting stage show that makes every performance special!